In order to do a good job on your business, we have to know it personally. And that means knowing everything about your business. Not only what you do. But where you've been. Where you're going. How you see yourself getting there.

And we want to know your staff. Not just be introduced to them, but work with them on a day-to-day basis. We want to become part of your administrative staff to ensure complete, efficient servicing.

Our Personal Service sets us apart.

Every Client at Shore, Newman and Rose is looked after personally by one of the three partners, all of whom have proven track records of success. You won't get lost in the shuffle of staff after the initial presentation.

"We see computers as a big part of the accountancy business. But personalizing systems and applications is the only way to go. We don't have a 'preferred' recommendation that we give everybody. We can only make recommendations once we know a business personally."
We pride ourselves on our frankness. We'll counsel you wisely, openly, and candidly. And we aren't reluctant to take a position on your behalf.

Our day-to-day involvement in your business also means that we can be pro-active, not reactive, in our service. Together, with you, we can anticipate business situations and take advantage of them.

"These days taxation is a mine field for the unwary. Seeing the big picture is just not enough. The best consultants much be incredibly detail-oriented and abreast of every single development. There are many opportunities to be realized and it is our job to help our clients take advantage of them."
Your Personal Profits are our business.

By offering you knowledgeable, informed accountancy and business counselling, we can help your business grow, along with your profits.

We can help you with computerization. Give you up-to-date tax advice. Help you with equity and bank financing, as well as business acquisitions. For those who need it, we offer bookkeeping services.

"The ideal Client-Accountancy firm relationship transcends all aspects of a business. Not only do the principals feel that their needs are being looked after, but their financial support staff feels that they are part of the business process as well."
In today's business world being an accountant is not just doing accounting. We believe that to provide the best advice and service to our clients, we must be knowledgeable in all aspects of finance, taxation and accounting. By working closely with clients, we can provide the best service.

Every client is different and our uniquely tailored services for that particular client, gives them the value added results that they are looking for when choosing an accounting firm.

"Our forward thinking and pro-active service to our clients, goes well beyong seeing them once a year. Our close contact allows us to provide that special service. Knowledge, concern, creativity and timeliness are what we are all about."
Sheldon S. Shore, C.A. David Newman, C.A. Steven Rose, C.A. Darryl R. Rosenberg, C.A.

Shore, Newman and Rose really can make a difference for your business. You'll find us amiable, honest and pragmatic. If that's what you're looking for in an accountancy firm, let's get personal and talk business.

"The key to understanding, and ultimately solving business issues, is in listening You can't truly understand business implications if you don't listen carefully. And that doesn't mean anticipating answers. It means really listening to, and hearing, what's being said."
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